Step #1: Hosting Setup 🚀

Hosting is a very important factor for the performance of a website, of course. We want to find out how server power impacts WooCommerce’s ability to cope with a high number of products. To be as flexible as possible, we setup two virtual server instances:

  1. A nginx web server for the demo WooCommerce shop – this site. No other sites will run on this server.
  2. Another web server which hosts the elastic search instance.

The servers are hosted in the Hetzner Cloud and are managed by the wonderful service. The dedicated cloud instances can be scaled up and down at will, so that we should be able to examine the impact of hosting on the shop performance. Let’s find out! 🤓

First taks is done. Next thing is to write a script which generates lots of products.

Any thoughts on that? Thanks for sharing! 😀

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